How to keep your car safe on roads

The safest way to keep yourself safe on a road is to wear a helmet and wear your seatbelt, according to a new survey.

The poll of more than 8,000 people found that 80 per cent of respondents felt they would be safer driving a car if they wore a helmet.

The survey also found that a helmet is a good idea when you are driving on busy roads and is the safest way for a car to be driven.

A helmet is good when you drive on busy streets and is not a bad idea when driving on quiet roads.

The helmet should cover the eye, the ears, and around the nose.

The most common problems experienced by drivers while driving on a busy road were the seatbelt buckle slipping, having a broken or damaged steering wheel or pedals, and being too slow.

Drivers in a crash were more likely to suffer a broken wheel, broken pedal or seatbelt or a punctured tyre.

Drivers who had been riding their bike for a short time were more than twice as likely to be involved in a car crash than drivers who had not ridden their bike.

It is important to understand how the crash happened and to avoid riding your bike while driving.

Road conditions in NSW are not that different from other states and territories.

Road accidents are common on our roads.

If you are concerned about your own safety, please contact your local police or emergency services if you think you may have been in a road accident.

NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) says road conditions in the state can be unpredictable.

Drivers should wear a seatbelt and keep a distance of no more than 10 metres from other road users.

The state’s Roads Transport and Highways Authority advises drivers to wear their seatbelt on all occasions.

Road signs and markings should be kept clear of vehicles.

Roads and highways NSW says the state has an extensive network of safety features, including road markings, speed limits and crosswalks.

The Road Safety Authority of NSW advises drivers, particularly children, to wear protective clothing.

Roads in NSW have a number of pedestrian crossings, including on the southbound motorway and on the northbound motorways.

The road on the right of the motorway is the only pedestrian crossing in the State.

Pedestrians are advised to remain at least 20 cent of the way across the road and keep to the right side of the road.

Roads are a good place to be when travelling through a bushfire zone.

NSW Police and Emergency Services say you should check the weather conditions before you enter bushfire areas.


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