‘Budget to fix broken NHS’: Budget to fix broke NHS

The Government has set out its 2016-17 budget, which will be voted on by MPs, to fix the NHS in the next parliament. 

The Spending Review says that the Government will invest more in the health service, particularly in the mental health sector. 

This will mean more doctors, nurses and midwives. 

It also says that spending on cancer treatments and the use of new drugs will increase. 

However, it also sets out how the Budget will ensure the Government delivers on its promises to tackle poverty, reduce inequality and provide the most affordable health system in the world. 

In the Budget, the Government says it will invest £100m a year in health and social care, £20m on a new National Health Service and £4m on education and the arts. 

There will also be an extra £1bn for social care by 2019. 

Mr Johnson said: This is a historic Budget that will transform the NHS, which has fallen behind in delivering quality care and access to high quality, affordable health care to all who need it. 

As we continue to deliver on our commitments, we are making good on our commitment to the Scottish Government to spend £50bn by 2020 on the NHS. 

We have a budget for the NHS that will bring us into the 21st century, the 21th century of health care. 

If the Scottish Parliament votes to keep the NHS and the Scottish Budget in the same budget, the Scottish NHS will have the budget to deal with the challenges that facing the health system, and I’m sure we will deliver the results of that. 

More to come.