Hypotension medications could cost up to $2,000 per month in Texas

A hypotension medication could cost $2.25 a month in the Lone Star State, but that could change, thanks to a new bill that has the potential to change the way medical treatments are covered in the state.

In a bill filed in the Texas State House, HB 3115 would add a new category of “medical treatment plans” to Texas health insurance.

It would add that type of coverage to existing Medicaid programs, which cover millions of Texans.

The bill has yet to be filed with the governor.

But it could change how medical treatment plans are covered, potentially increasing the cost of treatment by thousands of dollars.

“If we are able to bring it back to what we have in the Medicaid system, we will be able to reduce the cost, not just for individuals, but for the entire system,” Rep. Mike Harris, R-Cleveland, told WFAA.

In Texas, a doctor is considered a medical professional and is required to report a doctor’s medical diagnosis to the insurance companies that insure them.

Under the current system, most medical treatments require the physician’s recommendation, and the patient pays for them.

But if the doctor’s recommendation isn’t approved by the insurance company, the insurer has to pay for the procedure.HB 3115 allows for a different set of rules.

Instead of requiring the physician to approve the treatment, a patient’s insurer can require the doctor to report the diagnosis.

The insurer can then charge the patient a fee if it deems that the treatment isn’t medically necessary.

If the doctor doesn’t approve the medication, the insurance will have to pay the fee.

The insurance company has to report that the patient’s bill isn’t covered.

“We think the bill is a good starting point and hopefully it can serve as a starting point for other states,” Harris said.

While the bill hasn’t been filed yet, Harris says it could become law within the next few months.

“It could become a law in two or three months.

It could be a law as early as June,” he said.

Hospitals and medical centers are already paying for care with the new category.

Texas has one of the lowest rates in the country for Medicaid care.

And Harris says that it’s time for a change.

“When I was in Congress, we did have a bill that said you could get treatment without a doctor, but if you had a doctor you had to pay,” he explained.

“But that was just a temporary measure, because the medical costs just didn’t come down as quickly as they do now.”

The Texas Tribune thanks its sponsors.

Become one.

Harris says he hopes the bill can help other states move forward.

“I’m hoping we can bring it to other states.

It’s really going to make a difference in the health care system,” he told WLWT.


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