Australian Cancer Treatment Medication Company to Cut Prices

Posted October 19, 2018 07:01:30A leading Australian cancer treatment company will cut prices on cancer treatment medications, after a long period of poor results.

Key points:Company’s CEO says it is “truly proud” to be able to deliver a high quality product for the priceKey points are:Cancer Treatment Medicines, which offer the same cancer treatment as a conventional cancer treatment, is a brand new drug category and is a “high priority” for the companyCancer treatment drugs are being rolled out at a fast pace across the country, with more than 2,000 being rolled on a weekly basis by Cancer Treatment Medicine Group.

Key facts:The company is based in Perth, and has around 50 staff who are working at two offices in the CBD and a third in the North of the city.

The company’s chief executive, Dr Michael Kavanagh, said the company’s customers were asking for “high quality, affordable cancer treatment”, and he said it was proud to deliver it at a price point that is “comparable” to its competitors.

He said the prices were based on a range of different cancer treatment products, including:A standard form of chemotherapy which is given to cancer patients for around three months; A treatment which is similar to standard chemotherapy, but which is administered in the weeks before and after the chemotherapy is given;A treatment which targets tumours that have not yet been removed from the body, and which can be given to patients on a “wider” course of chemotherapy; A form of chemo that is administered over a shorter period of time, but can be taken over longer periods of time;A “super dose” which is prescribed by the doctors as part of their treatment plan; and A “low-cost” form of cancer treatment which costs around $60 per week.

The average cost for a standard form chemotherapy is about $600, and for the standard form treatment it is about more than $300.

Dr Kavanag said that compared to the cost of standard chemotherapy drugs, the company had a low cost alternative, and it was cheaper to treat cancer on a more regular basis.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to have a low-cost cancer treatment available to patients across Australia at a reasonable price, which is very competitive,” he said.

“As a leader in the global pharmaceutical industry, Cancer Treatment Pharmaceuticals is proud to be a part of this exciting, new and innovative market.”

Mr Kavanaghan said the brand new product category was the next stage of the company.

“The new category is designed to deliver high quality cancer treatment at affordable prices for patients in Australia, as well as being one of the most cost effective cancer treatments available anywhere in the world,” he added.

“It is a great opportunity for the future of cancer and for patients who are looking for a more affordable alternative to traditional cancer treatment.”

Cancer treatments are expensive and we believe this new product line offers a great solution for patients, who can afford it, and the health and wellbeing of their patients.

“Dr Kavinagh said that he had been working on the brand-new product for several months, and he was confident that it would be ready for its debut in 2018.”

Our plan is to have the product in our stores in the next two to three months,” he told AAP.”

We are confident it will be ready to ship in the coming weeks, with an early availability for consumers.

“He said it would cost $180 per week for a patient with a “normal” tumour, and $250 for a “super-tumour” patient.

He also said that if the product was approved for general use in the community, it would offer about 50% of the treatment’s cost.

Dr Martin Purnell, president of Cancer Treatment Drug Group, said it will cost about $180 to $250 a week for an average cancer patient.”

With cancer treatments being so expensive, many patients do not have access to the most effective drugs at the moment,” he explained.”

However, we are hopeful that this new drug will help patients who have had success with conventional chemotherapy to reduce their overall cost of treatment, which currently ranges between $1,200 and $2,000 per week.””

With this product, we hope to give patients a more sustainable and efficient way to treat their cancer and their quality of life,” he concluded.


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