How much do NFL players make?

The NFL’s minimum salary is set to increase $4.7 million to $51,000, according to an increase proposed by the league’s executive committee in a meeting Monday.

The minimum salary for a player is set by the union.

Players are required to work the minimum number of hours per week during the regular season and the playoffs, depending on their age, according the NFL Players Association.

The salary increases would apply to players who have reached their peak of productivity during the season.

The proposed increases would increase the average player’s salary by $7,500 annually, according a person familiar with the matter.

That number would go up to $12,500 in 2018 and $15,000 in 2019.

The league would not comment on specific proposals but said it will not comment about any proposals before they are made public.

The league has been working on increasing the minimum salary since 2015, with the NFLPA and the players union representing some of the league of the highest earners.

The NFL’s average salary is $15.4 million, according that source.

The top five earners are: quarterback Aaron Rodgers ($20.9 million), running back Adrian Peterson ($19.8 million), tight end Greg Olsen ($18.7) and linebacker Khalil Mack ($16.3 million).

The lowest-paid player is defensive tackle J.J. Watt, who earns $9.6 million.