How to use epi tablets to help with opiate withdrawal

If you’re suffering from opiate withdrawals, it’s a great time to start taking epi pills, says a spokesperson for the Australian drug treatment charity EpiPulse.

The charity’s Epi Pill Service (EPPS) provides support to those who struggle with opiates and opiate-related health problems.

“People who are on prescription drugs are more likely to use their prescription drugs and suffer an opiate overdose, or worse,” said EPPS co-founder and CEO Lisa Sargeant.

“[In this] case, people who are at high risk of dying are likely to get the Epi pills.”

If you don’t have access to an Epi pill, Epi tablets are an effective way of treating the symptoms of opiate use disorder.

“She said it was particularly important for people with severe symptoms who might need immediate help.”

They may not feel like it is an appropriate time to take the pills, but they may be more at risk for the death of their loved ones or someone who is close to them,” she said.”

People on prescription medications who are taking them should be monitored for symptoms and the likelihood of death.

“EpiPapers, or Epi drugs, are used to treat some opiate addictions.

They can help people get off opiates without taking a pill every day.

It’s also used to relieve anxiety, but also for the treatment of depression and anxiety-related conditions.

The Australian Government’s drug policy has made it a criminal offence to buy, sell or supply drugs that are illegal or prescribed to be sold in the country.

If you or someone you know needs help with an opioid overdose, call the helpline on 1800 RESPECT or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.