How to prevent stroke from flu medication

The flu can be a deadly pandemic.

But what to do if you have a stroke?

That’s what a team of doctors, scientists and nurses from Yale University, the University of California, San Francisco, Johns Hopkins University, University of Michigan and Stanford University have found.

The research is published online in the journal Stroke.

The team looked at the treatment of patients who had suffered strokes from flu in the United States.

They found that flu is a very dangerous drug, and in many cases the drug is used as a first line treatment, but that some stroke patients could be given more than one drug.

The study found that a group of strokes patients who received one flu treatment had a 50% risk of a stroke.

This risk was reduced to around 25% for patients who took the other flu drug.

But the researchers also found that the risk of stroke was lower for patients taking one flu medication and two other flu drugs.

In contrast, a group taking two flu medications had a 30% risk for a stroke, and a group using three flu medications saw a 33% risk.

The researchers say their study was a first step towards better understanding how flu medications work.

Dr Stephen Bovell, the lead author of the study, says that more research is needed to understand the mechanism by which the drug affects stroke patients.

He says that it is important to remember that the stroke is a progressive disease.

He says that the first line of treatment is to prevent the stroke and then to treat it.

Dr Boveell says that his study is important because it shows that stroke patients can benefit from a different flu drug than the others.

He said:’This study helps to establish the possibility that flu drugs may be more effective in preventing stroke than previously thought, as opposed to treating it as a primary stroke, as the evidence from animal studies has suggested.’

There are still questions to be answered about how flu affects stroke, including whether flu-induced stroke occurs more often in those with pre-existing stroke or whether other stroke risk factors are more common in strokes than in healthy people.’

Our study provides further evidence that flu medications have a role to play in preventing or treating stroke in stroke patients, and also helps to determine the mechanisms underlying this beneficial effect of flu treatment.’


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