Medical marijuana in Ohio could get you out of a hospital

Ohio lawmakers are considering a bill that would make medical marijuana legal for people who need it, and they’re trying to figure out how to regulate it.

The bill is being considered in the statehouse in Columbus, and it would allow patients to receive medical marijuana prescriptions at home instead of going to a doctor.

Patients could apply online to get a medical marijuana card.

But, the bill would require doctors to provide patients with a form of ID, including their state-issued photo ID card, which would also need to show a Social Security number.

In an interview with ABC News, the sponsor of the bill, Rep. Andy Kerr, R-Merrittsville, said that his bill is meant to make it easier for Ohioans to access medical marijuana, not to make doctors’ offices feel like they’re breaking the law.

“I don’t think it is going to have a huge effect on people,” Kerr said.

“People can have medical marijuana in their home.

People can have a private physician or nurse practitioner that can provide them with medical marijuana.

I don’t see that as being a problem.”

Doctors who are already licensed to provide medical marijuana will have to follow rules and regulations similar to those for prescription drugs.

The bill would also require doctors who perform abortions or who provide birth control services to report to the Ohio Department of Health.

If passed, Ohio could become the second state in the country to allow patients who are terminally ill to legally use marijuana, after Oregon.

Ohio is one of only two states that allow medical marijuana to be dispensed by pharmacies, and Ohioans have been using medical marijuana since 2000.

It is illegal to grow or possess it, but it is not regulated and the state’s medical marijuana program is run by the state Department of Public Health.

Kerr said he hopes to pass the bill by the end of the legislative session in March.