How to get shingled coverage

Fox Sports is making its debut with shingling coverage on its live sports streaming service.

Shingling is a type of coverage that’s often used in sports.

The concept involves placing two pieces of paper on a wall, like a baseball diamond, to help lighten the viewing experience.

The idea is to create an artificial surface that reflects sunlight and creates a reflection of the surrounding area.

Shingle coverage can be on TV or on a smartphone or tablet.

Shingling will debut in all Fox Sports app-based packages starting March 9, with a free trial available through March 13.

The network is also releasing a “sprinting shingle” app that will be available for free through the end of March.

Fox Sports said it wants to give fans an opportunity to view shinglings coverage on multiple platforms.

It’s not clear if the new service will offer the same quality or even the same coverage as the current service.

Fox Sports already offers a shingler coverage app on its Fox Sports GO app.

The shinglers coverage is currently available in the Fox Sports iPhone app, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast streaming devices.