What you need to know about medical cannabis for cancer treatment

Medical cannabis is being used as a treatment for cancer, but the latest research suggests it may also help with other conditions.

The latest scientific research into the treatment of cancer is being carried out by researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch, the University College London and the Wellcome Trust, and it is the first to look at whether medical cannabis can alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

The study is the latest of a number of ongoing studies looking at how cannabis can treat patients suffering from various conditions.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide and kills more than 15,000 people every year.

It is often seen as a condition that cannot be cured, but scientists are trying to find a cure for the disease through drugs and treatments.

The US National Cancer Institute (NCI) is currently looking at a number treatments, including stem cell therapies, to help treat the disease, but they are still in the early stages of development.

Researchers at the University in London say they have identified compounds in cannabis that can help to ease symptoms of cancer.

They tested the compound cannabidiol (CBD) and found it had a “tolerable” level of activity in two different types of cancer, glioma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and in two types of immune system cells, monocytes and lymphocytes.

They believe this could be a new treatment for patients who have had an aggressive and aggressive cancer.

The research is part of a wider review of cannabinoids which was published in the journal Nature last month.

The new research looked at the effects of CBD on the immune system and found the compound helped the cells in the body to recognise tumours and to fight them.

“It was very interesting, it was really exciting,” Professor John Gillingham, who led the research team from the National Cancer Research Institute, told ABC News.

“We had a very limited understanding of how the immune cells recognise cancer and the ability of the immune systems to recognise and recognise tumour is really important.”

Professor Gillingam said the researchers also found the compounds had a positive effect on a group of monocytes, the white blood cells that can attack tumours.

“These are very important for controlling tumours,” he said.

“There is very little information about how the white cells attack tumour cells.”

So it really was a really exciting result.

“The results are interesting because they suggest that it may be possible to use cannabinoids in the treatment for certain types of tumours, particularly for people with advanced disease.”

Dr Simon Jankovic, from the Wellesley Medical School, said the study was exciting.

“They’ve found that cannabinoids may be able to treat some of the more aggressive forms of cancer,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“Cannabis has been shown to be effective for treating some cancers, but I think it is very exciting that we’re now finding out that cannabinoids are able to be helpful for the more benign types of cancers.”

The research was carried out in collaboration with the National Institute for Health Research, the National Centre for Immuno-Oncology and the National Center for Research Excellence in Cancer (NCRI).

“We know that cannabinoids help fight cancer and these are molecules that are already in the clinic,” Dr Janković said.

“So it’s exciting that they can now be used to treat a much more difficult form of cancer.”

Professor Jankovics research team at NCRI is currently studying the effects on immune system function of a cannabis extract, known as THC, and is looking at whether the drug may have a similar effect to chemotherapy.”THC is known to be very effective for the treatment and control of certain cancers,” he explained.

“If we could find ways to get it into the clinic, we’d be very excited to see what the effects are.”

“The cannabis extract has been tested in mice, and that was very positive and we’ve now been able to use this to test cannabinoids in humans.”

Professor John Gillsons research team is also working on cannabinoids for cancer.

“Our main goal is to use these compounds to develop treatments that are safe and effective for patients,” he added.

“And then we want to see if we can make them more broadly available so they can be used by all patients.”

This is an exciting development, we’re seeing promising results with these compounds.

“However, as we get further and further down the road, we will be looking at the safety and efficacy of these compounds.”

The findings were published in Nature.


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