New sialoralorrhea medication could be available soon in Canada

A new drug for treating sialoran and other oral diseases could be coming to Canada soon, and is expected to have a positive impact on the lives of Canadians.

In fact, according to a news release from the Ontario Sialoralhea Control Society, a public health organization, it is now “critical to develop new treatments for the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus.”

The group says the new medication, called the sialoquine, will help control the spread of the virus.

It was developed by the University of Toronto and Pfizer Canada.

Its also hoped the drug will help treat the symptoms of the common cold, as well as other conditions that affect people with the virus, such as breathing difficulties, vomiting and fatigue.

It is designed to be taken by mouth and administered to a patient’s arm or leg.

The group has called for the medication to be available within two weeks, so it can be prescribed in the emergency room and given in conjunction with other treatments.

It was developed in partnership with Pfizer.

The Canadian company is based in Mississauga, Ontario.