Why can’t you talk about this?

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Read more “I can’t go to work,” she says.

“I’m so sick.

I’m exhausted.

I can’t sleep.

It’s like I can barely speak.

I just feel so helpless.”

She’s just trying to make ends meet.

She has two young children to feed and care for.

It all starts when she loses her job and moves back home.

“It was an easy transition,” she admits.

“And I love my family.”

When she first got the job at a hospital in California, she was given the opportunity to take time off to take care of her children.

But the hospital didn’t have enough nurses.

So she went to work, only to find she was being put on a waiting list.

And that wasn’t good.

“The waiting list is for people who have a family member who is in critical condition,” she explains.

“They need to be able to get out of there quickly.

That’s the main thing that’s holding me back.”

While waiting for her appointment, she says she had to learn to read and write in her native tongue, the language of her doctors.

“To me, it’s very strange.

It seems so strange.

I feel like I’m not a person in the world.

I don’t speak the language,” she recalls.

But the wait isn’t the only reason she’s hesitant to talk about her experience.

Her mother also has a health condition that requires her to be in hospital for a period of time.

“She’s been in intensive care for about a year, and she can’t even walk or talk,” she notes.

“In the hospital, we don’t have time for that.

We can’t help her with her reading and writing.

It just feels so lonely.”

She and her husband have a young child of their own, but they’re struggling to afford the expensive hospitalization.

“We’re at a point where we don.

We’re just struggling to make sure we can get through this,” she adds.

“At this point, I’m so sad.”

She says she doesn’t want to talk to anyone about her ordeal because she’s afraid she’ll cause more suffering for her family.

But, she has to say, it was a difficult transition.

“My husband and I, we just didn’t feel like we could get through it without doing it ourselves,” she concludes.

“But we’re not selfish.

We understand that we’re hurting.”