Why you need to check for measles before travelling to Australia

A traveller should be checked for measles prior to traveling to Australia, the health ministry has said.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said travellers to parts of South-East Asia, Africa and the Pacific region should be tested in case they catch the disease.

There are no new cases of measles in Australia, but there has been an increase in cases in some of the affected countries.

WHO’s health chief, Dr Robert Serry, said the new cases are a major concern, as they are not yet well understood.

“This is the first case we’ve seen of measles among people who have been in contact with a traveller,” Dr Serry said.

“The virus is a circulating and circulating infection and so we know how it spreads and how it affects people.”

He said the virus was not airborne, so it was not spread by contact with bodily fluids.

Dr Serry added that if travellers had symptoms before arriving, it would be best to seek medical advice.

Australia has seen an outbreak of measles for several weeks, but the WHO has warned it is unlikely to spread to neighbouring countries.