B.C. doctors who treat drug overdose deaths are being targeted by drug company

Medical treatment is being targeted in B.K. Steel Co.’s latest class action lawsuit against its doctors and the company’s chief executive, claiming the hospital is failing to provide timely, appropriate and adequate medical care.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in British Columbia Supreme Court, alleges the hospital failed to protect doctors from dangerous drugs in the workplace and failed to monitor doctors’ use of the drugs, which could lead to serious health issues.

It also claims B.S. Steel failed to provide adequate supervision for doctors, failed to train staff to be able to properly monitor the doctors’ prescribing, and failed properly monitor prescribing by the company.

B.C.’s lawsuit also alleges the company is failing “to prevent, detect, and mitigate” the risks posed by the dangerous drugs being prescribed to B.T. and B.J. by its doctors.

The suit claims that B.B. and his colleagues at the B.D.H.S., an addiction treatment program, have received over a dozen deaths over the last year from drugs prescribed by their doctors.

The lawsuit seeks class-action status on behalf of the nearly 100,000 doctors who have been exposed to the drugs and is seeking $6.5 million in damages.

The complaint says the deaths “resulted from B.A.H.’s negligence and/or misconduct” and is part of an ongoing “scourge” of negligence at B.P.H., the largest provider of treatment in B