What you need to know about flu medication in the US

In the United States, the number of people who are prescribed flu medication has jumped in recent months, and the surge has led to concern that people are taking it too often.

As of July 15, there were more than 3.2 million prescriptions written for flu medication, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Some people are also taking more of the medication than they need, which is why some prescriptions have expired or been canceled.

Some experts have pointed out that there is a significant risk of people taking too much medication, and they have suggested some people limit their use to the flu season, but experts in the field say it is unclear how many people actually do.

The CDC has estimated that about 10 percent of the American population is taking the medication, but there is no data to suggest how many actually take it.

The flu medication prescription boom has been the focus of a recent study published in the Journal of the National Medical Association.

The researchers found that more than half of all prescriptions given for flu medications in 2015 and 2016 were for flu shots, which have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for widespread use.

While the drug companies have spent millions of dollars on marketing and advertising campaigns to promote the efficacy of flu shots and flu shots with the label “prevent flu,” a number of studies have shown that the flu shot is not effective in preventing the disease.

The study found that people were taking more flu medications when they had previously been diagnosed with flu, which suggests that they were more likely to take the medications to avoid taking them again.

Another study found patients taking flu medication were more susceptible to becoming infected with the virus than those who had not taken the medication.

“Flu shot use and flu illness are not linked to other flu illness, but these factors could be a contributing factor in increased influenza morbidity and mortality,” the researchers wrote in their paper.

While flu medication is not approved for widespread, routine use, there are concerns that some people may take too much or may not understand how much they need to take.

“It’s not clear how many [flu medication] prescriptions have been cancelled or not been renewed,” said Dr. Peter Sirota, a professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania who has published research on the topic.

“We need to figure out what is the best balance between taking enough to prevent infection, but not too much and not too little.”

While it is not clear whether the increase in the number and type of flu medications is due to increased prescribing or whether people are using more medications than they should, experts say it’s important to be cautious.

“You need to be aware of how much flu medication you’re taking,” Sirotasaid.

“If you don’t take enough, you’re going to get a very bad flu and you may end up getting pneumonia or death.

You also need to understand that the drugs you’re on are not necessarily safe.”

One possible reason people take too many medications is that the medications have become so effective that people often overprescribe.

The National Institutes of Health has also found that patients have become increasingly reluctant to take prescription drugs and that many doctors are prescribing too much.

“The most common thing people are prescribing for [flu] is a pill,” said Sirotta.

“That’s not necessarily the most effective way to prevent the flu.”

For example, in an email sent to patients in August, Sirottasaid that people may be taking more medication than needed because they are taking too many of the medications.

“They may be thinking, ‘Well, I need to get that extra dose of something,’ and they may have taken too much of something that they’re not supposed to be taking,” he said.

“When we’re looking at prescribing more medications, we’re also trying to minimize side effects, and that’s a good thing.”


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