‘We’ll Take Your Heart’: I’m Going to Be Arrested, but I’m Not Going to Jail

NEW YORK — A New York City man is going to jail for two years after pleading guilty to stealing a man’s heart and using it to buy a home.

Justin M. Buhl was arrested in June after authorities found an embolism in a man he’d been living with, according to court documents.

He was also accused of having the victim’s body for a prosthetic heart.

A nurse told police Buhle had a heart defect, but the man had not yet been identified.

Bohl, 22, is also charged with fraudulently obtaining a disability pension and unlawfully possessing a motor vehicle.

After pleading guilty, Buhler will serve two years in prison, according the criminal complaint.

The criminal complaint stated that Buhlers attorney, Mark R. Koppen, had asked for a reduced sentence, but that the judge declined to do so.

Prosecutors said Buhel was not acting alone and that the man’s family and others who knew him also had told them about the abuse.

Bihler was a graduate of the New York University School of Law and was an honor student at the school.

According to the criminal case, Bohn’s attorney argued that the victim was not a “human being,” as defined in the medical definition of a person.

The complaint said the victim had an average heart rate of 130 beats per minute.