Why I’m a drug addict and why I’m not suicidal

I’m in a place of extreme self-destruction, an addiction to drugs, an obsession with pills, and a mental illness that I’m desperate to escape.

I have a history of depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and PTSD.

I’ve had a history with substance abuse and suicide.

And I’m still waiting for my medication.

I’m addicted to prescription medication, oxycodone, Xanax, Valium, Adderall, and many other pills, powders, and liquids.

I’m addicted, and I’m so addicted that I am on the brink of ending my life.

And for the past two months, I’ve been using a combination of OxyContin and Xanax.

I took OxyContin to help control my anxiety, depression, and addictions.

Xanax is to manage my anxiety and anxiety-related disorders.

I take Xanax to help me deal with my depression and addiction.

I also take Xanacin for anxiety, mood disorders, and pain relief.

I am now on the verge of ending the life of someone who is my friend and my partner.

But what if I do end it?

What if I don’t end it and end up in prison?

The fact that I have been on OxyContin for almost a year and a half makes me very vulnerable.

But I don and will continue to take Xanacon, Valcocor, and Xanapro to manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Xanaprop helps with anxiety, too.

But the fact that OxyContin is so widely prescribed and available, makes me vulnerable to the consequences of my addiction.

OxyContin has caused me to have a severe case of anxiety.

Oxycontin, like any medication, is addictive.

Oxycodone is addictive and can lead to dependence.

Xanacofloxacin is a drug that is addictive, too, so it can lead a person to addiction.

Xanafloxacetin is an antidepressant that is often prescribed as a pain reliever and appetite suppressant.

Xanaphren is a benzodiazepine that is also addictive.

Xanatriptan is a prescription antidepressant that causes the body to release chemicals that help control anxiety.

There are also over 200 medications that can cause side effects.

And that’s just the medications.

Oxycodone is a depressant that can also be addictive.

Benzodiazepines are depressants that can lead people to addiction and anxiety disorders.

Xanazepam is a hypnotic.

Xanethidine is a sedative that can sometimes be addictive, especially when combined with alcohol or drugs.

Xanodiazepides can also cause panic attacks.

Xanyprazole is a neuroleptic that can make people hyper and sometimes suicidal.

Xanocaine is a muscle relaxant.

And many other medications can cause withdrawal symptoms and possibly addiction.

But because of my history of self-harm, suicide attempts, and alcohol abuse, I have had a number of medical issues over the years that have led me to be addicted to drugs.

My life has been on the line since I was 16 years old.

I started taking OxyContin when I was 13.

Oxy was the first drug that I took because I was afraid of the effects of the other drugs.

I didn’t know it was addictive and dangerous.

I had a lot of anxiety problems and depression, so I took the pill every day.

My first addiction was OxyContin.

I was hooked.

I would go from pill to pill and start taking it.

I used the pill as a mood booster and to ease the symptoms from the withdrawal from my addiction, but the pills kept getting worse.

My symptoms got worse.

I began to take OxyContin because I needed the pain relievers to get through the day.

I needed them to feel relaxed and at peace with myself.

But I was taking more and more OxyContin every day to get more Oxy and to keep myself calm.

Oxy could also lead to more addiction.

The more Oxy you take, the more you’re taking, so the more Oxy, the harder it becomes to stop.

The prescription of Oxycontin was the drug of choice for people who were trying to get out of an abusive relationship.

Oxy is a very addictive drug.

I can’t imagine living in a world without it.

Oxy had a huge effect on me.

It made me feel like a prisoner, that I was the one that needed help, not my partner, not myself.

The problem is, Oxycontin is very popular, so Oxycontin users are able to get it for free.

But OxyContin causes dependence.

If I’m taking it for a long time, I’ll start to crave Oxy, which means I will start to become addicted.

I will also feel that I need to take it because I’m an addict.

So, as soon as I start taking Oxy, I’m going to need to increase my Oxy dose to