How to stop stroke medications from harming you

An article from Google News about stroke medications explains that some people experience adverse effects, like headaches and depression, while others do not, such as headaches and memory loss.

While the article notes that the FDA has issued warnings about stroke medication in the past, it doesn’t go into specifics.

The article suggests that people should be aware of their options and make sure that they are taking the right medication, and that it’s not possible to be sure of their medication’s safety without testing.

“There are some common mistakes that people make with strokes, but there are also risks associated with taking these medications, too,” the article says.

For instance, the article suggests the FDA recommends that people avoid certain strokes medications that have been linked to heart attacks.

It also advises people not to skip doses, as there is no guarantee that a dose of a stroke medication is safe.

“Some medications are used to treat the symptoms of stroke, such that the medication has no known side effects, and some medications are meant to treat a more serious cause of stroke,” the Google News article says, adding that the agency has issued two warnings about strokes medication, one in 2010 and one in 2011.

Google News said the FDA issued a warning in 2010 after finding that some strokes medications were associated with heart attacks in people who had suffered a heart attack before the medication was prescribed.

“If a stroke has occurred and is suspected, an immediate emergency should be sought and appropriate measures taken to minimize the risk to the individual,” the FDA said in its warning.

A spokesperson for the FDA declined to comment on the Google article.