CVA medical treatment for EBOLA medical treatment

The first round of CVA treatment for the Ebola virus has been successfully delivered to the first infected patients in Guinea.

The treatment is being administered by a team of doctors in the CVA department of medical treatment at the hospital of the country’s capital, Conakry.

The first patient in the treatment program was identified in a case in the southern city of Freetown, and the next will be a second in the same case.

The second case will be taken to the center of the capital, where the treatment is planned to last for six months.

The CVA is currently working on a final round of the treatment, which will last for about a year, said Dr. Mokhtar Jelali, the chief medical officer of the CVS health service.

The final round was expected to begin in the next few weeks.

Jelal is also the head of the local hospital where the patients will be cared for, according to a statement released by Guinea’s government on Tuesday.

The Ebola outbreak in Guinea began in March and has killed more than 5,000 people.

On Tuesday, Jelalam said the first round was scheduled to last six months, with a second phase scheduled to begin after that.