Hospitals offer alternative medicine to help them cope with death

Hospitals in India are offering alternative medicine for patients who suffer from chronic pain, and the use of ibs treatment medicine is being touted as a solution.

Medical specialists from hospitals and medical institutes across the country are offering ibs treatments to people who suffer chronic pain as they try to cope with the death of loved ones, NDTV reported.

The move comes as the government is set to launch an electronic death certificate for patients, with the goal of allowing doctors to record the death, even if it is only a medical cause.

In November, a bill was passed in Parliament to make the electronic death record mandatory in hospitals and other medical facilities across the nation.

However, it has yet to be signed into law.

The government is also working on a pilot scheme to make ibs medication available to all patients.

It is expected to be rolled out over the next few months.

The pilot scheme is being led by the Department of Medical Research and Development (DMDR), and will cover patients at two of the three major Indian hospitals.

According to NDTV, a pilot will also be introduced for patients at a third hospital, which has not yet been identified.