Aussie doctors to have first-ever ‘medical treatment’ for Myxedemas

AUSTRALIA’S first-in-class ‘medical treatments’ for people with Myxeda malignancies will be rolled out in Australia within days.

Key points:Doctors will begin treating people with a rare genetic condition for the first time in Australia soonThe trials will begin in Melbourne and Adelaide and will be funded by a federal Government health funding packageDr John Tompkins, head of the National Myxetic Society, said there was a lack of research into how best to treat patients.

“I think it’s really important that we know the best way of treating these patients,” he said.

“We know that if we can’t figure out the best treatment, we don’t get a good outcome.”

Dr Tompinks said the trials would begin in a week and that doctors were confident they could successfully treat people with the genetic condition.

“The treatment will be done by medical doctors and that will start within a week,” he told the ABC.

“If you are in a situation where you can’t get to a hospital for a consultation or an appointment, we would advise you to contact us so we can give you advice on what to do.”‘

It’s a good start’Dr Tomsa said the treatments would be more extensive than the drugs that were available to people with mild Myxeds.

“They’re going to do a lot of things that are not currently available,” he explained.

“There are a lot more potential treatments that we can apply that we’ve never seen before.”

He said the new treatment could eventually be used to treat other diseases as well.

“It’s very exciting to see that we’re going from a genetic disease to a very real illness, so there are a number of potential applications of this, for example to treat autoimmune diseases, and we can start to see some of these patients actually benefit from it,” he added.

Dr Tomesa said his society was hopeful that the trials could be successful.

“Our hope is that with the trials that are underway in Melbourne, Adelaide and in New South Wales, we will be able to have the first-of-its-kind clinical trials in Australia in the next week or so,” he reported.